Coaches’ Award



  • Awarded to the club’s most improved AFL or AFLW player
  • Originally known as “Most Improved Player”, it was renamed from Season 2011 (AFL) and Season 8 (AFLW) onwards
  • NOTE: The PAFC website also states: the Most Improved Player and Best First Year Player awards are no longer awarded as the qualities recognised in the awards are now considered covered by the Gavin Wanganeen Medal


  • Award based on the collaborative view of the entire coaching panel, including the senior and assistant coaches

 Multiple Winners:

Honour Roll - AFL

Most Improved Player
Season: Winner:
1998 Warren Tredrea
1999 Warren Tredrea
2000 Roger James
2001 Josh Carr
2002 Chad Cornes
2003 Dean Brogan
2004 Kane Cornes
2005 Dom Cassisi
2006 Shaun Burgoyne
2007 David Rodan
2008 Travis Boak
2009 Robbie Gray
2010 Paul Stewart
Coaches’ Award
Season: Winner:
2011 Tom Logan
2012 Tom Jonas
2013 Justin Westhoff
2014 Matthew Lobbe
2015 Brendon Ah Chee
2016 Jasper Pittard
2017 Sam Gray
2018 Dan Houston
2019 Darcy Byrne-Jones
2020 Trent McKenzie
2021 Karl Amon
2022 Connor Rozee
2023 Miles Bergman

Honour Roll - AFLW

Most Improved Player
Season: Winner:
7 Ella Boag
Coaches’ Award
Season: Winner:
8 Julia Teakle