Hall of Fame



  • Nominee must be a Life Member
  • Nominee must have rendered significant and important service to the Club on and/or off the field
  • Candidates are judged on the basis of their overall impact on the club and/or Australian football

Honour Roll - Individuals

Honour Roll - Teams

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2018: Six In A Row National Record Holders – 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 Premiership Teams
Player: Notes:
John Abley
Allan Blagrove
Davey Boyd
Jack Cahill
Roger Clift
Brian Coldwell
John Dewhirst
Wally Dittmar
Bob Fabian
Tom Garland
David Gill
Allen Greer
John Hall
Ian Hannaford
Neville Hayes
Basil Jaggard
Rexie Johns
Kim Kelly
Brian Key
Marx Kretschmer
Brian Luke
William Mahney
Bob Marrett
Peter Marrett
Harold McDonald
Geof Motley Captain-Coach
Peter Obst
Trevor Obst
Colin Parham
Jeff Potter
John Robinson
James Sawford
Laurence Stevens
Donald Thompson
Ken Tierney
Dean Trowse
Norman Tull
Ted Whelan
Ray Whitaker
Fos Williams Captain-Coach
Thomas Williams
Lloyd Zucker
2019: 1962, 1963, 1965 Premiership Teams
Player: Notes:
Reg Beaufoy
Richie Bray
Jack Cahill
Graham Cooper
Bob Elix
Ron Elleway
Denis Errey
Bob Fabian
Eric Freeman
David Gill
Ian Hannaford
Neville Hayes
Rexie Johns
Brian Luke
Bob Marrett
Graham Matters
John McBain
Peter Mead
Geof Motley
Bruce Nyland
Peter Obst
Trevor Obst
Robert Philp
Jeff Potter
Kevin Salmon
Douglas Spiers
Steven Traynor
Graham Virgo
Fos Williams Captain-Coach
2024: 2004 Premiership Team
Player: Notes:
Matthew Bishop
Dean Brogan
Peter Burgoyne
Shaun Burgoyne
Josh Carr
Dom Cassisi
Chad Cornes
Kane Cornes
Stuart Dew
Damien Hardwick
Roger James
Adam Kingsley
Brendon Lade
Josh Mahoney
Brett Montgomery
Byron Pickett
Matthew Primus Club Captain
Jarrad Schofield
Toby Thurstans
Warren Tredrea Captain
Darryl Wakelin
Gavin Wanganeen
Michael Wilson

And: Mark Williams – Coach